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Jonathan Ward is England Golf’s course ranking coordinator. We requested him about after we can anticipate all golf programs to be totally rated

On the very coronary heart of the World Handicap System are golf course rankings. It’s the metric that varieties the idea for every thing else – from issue to our personal WHS indexes.

All throughout the House Unions, groups of skilled volunteers have spent numerous hours, regardless of the pandemic, visiting 1000’s of programs to ship course and slope rankings and provides us the idea for measuring our personal capability as golfers.

Late final yr, England Golf appointed Jonathan Ward as course ranking coordinator. His function is to supervise the complete ranking programme within the nation and to help county and regional advisors to make sure that all the 1,800 golf equipment have a course that’s rated to WHS necessities.

A former county improvement officer for the governing physique, and the county secretary on the Durham Golf Union for almost seven years earlier than taking over his new function at England Golf, Jonathan is steeped within the recreation.

We sat down with him for a prolonged chat which we are going to launch in 4 elements.

On this half, we ask Jonathan in regards to the provisional rankings handed out to programs within the new system and whether or not that has now been addressed…

Golf course rating

“We have now a number of stragglers however that’s presumably extra to do with them making huge adjustments to the course and it’s pointless ranking till any these adjustments have been made,” Jonathan defined.

“A few counties are forward of the sport however for many, the second ranking cycle will likely be commencing in 2022 as every course is because of be rated not less than each 10 years. 

“So we’re beginning cycle two and all counties need to fee 10 per cent of their programs annually going ahead. For some, which may solely be 4, 5, or six golf equipment, however within the greater counties that is perhaps as much as 20 programs this yr.”

So what kind of issues will they be ? Will they take into account golfers’ scores, or depart it as much as golf equipment? How will you obtain that degree of consistency you’ve talked about?

Jonathan continued: “The extent of consistency is clearly right down to the coaching, the flexibility, and the data of the raters.

“They’re the frontline and most ranking volunteers are appointed by county our bodies. They’re given loads of on-the-job coaching and we’ve got common calibration-type workout routines the place we ask workforce leaders to carry out some rankings – they’ve been on-line within the final couple of years – to ensure nobody’s taken their eye off the ball.

“You will have seen the Course Score information, which works into a whole lot of depth and the workforce leaders discuss with that in their rankings to ensure they get these measurements from the correct locations.

“Each ranking we do builds up extra expertise and data. It’s my function to have these guides and coaching paperwork and every thing on rankings for our workforce leaders to have entry to and we’re right here if they should decide up the telephone.”

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